03. 08. 2015
Best of #brentsdeli Customer Choice Awards

Best of #brentsdeli Customer Choice Awards

Are you an Instagram all-star? A selfie queen? The person who always takes and posts a photo on Facebook? Now’s your chance to win a Brent’s Deli Prize Pack, including a $50 gift...

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10. 07. 2015
Sun Pickles Recipe

No Big Dill: 5 Deli-Cious Pickle Recipes

July is National Pickle Month, so we scoured the Internet to bring you five deli-cious pickle recipes!   1. Sweet & Spicy Pickle Relish To whip up a batch of your very own,...

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09. 07. 2015
2015-02-25 22.46.37

#TeamCornedBeef vs #TeamPastrami

Which team are you on: #TeamCornedBeef or #TeamPastrami? Submit your vote through this Facebook form, or post to Twitter / Instagram with the hashtag #TeamCornedBeef or #TeamPastrami. From July 9th through August 9th,...

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06. 07. 2015
brent's deli

The Ultimate Pickle Challenge For National Pickle Month

Dating back more than 2,000 years, the pickle is one of the world’s favorite foods. So it’s no surprise that July is National Pickle Month! We’ve put together the Ultimate Pickle Challenge: seven...

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05. 06. 2015
Jewish Northridge Westlake Village Brent's Deli delicatessen restaurant

Deli Classics: Half-Sour and Full-Sour Pickles

Jewish delis are notorious for pickles, and we’re no different! We serve two types of pickles: Full-sour (also known as “old” pickles) which have been fully soaked Half-sour (or “new” pickles) which are...

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22. 05. 2015
community appreciation day(15)

By The Numbers: Community Appreciation Day

Take a look back at our first-ever Community Appreciation Day! – – #brentsdeli on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest Yelp – Northridge | Yelp – Westlake Village brentsdeli.com

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27. 04. 2015
Brent's Deli Jewish dessert delicatessen restaurant bakery pastry Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles

Deli Classics: Rugelach

Pronunciation Guide: roo-geh-luh Rugelach are bite-size, sugary pastries usually filled with chocolate. They’re crisp and flaky on the outside, and moist, tender and chewy on the inside – kind of like a croissant....

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07. 04. 2015
Brent's Deli Passover Pesach Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles Jewish restaurant delicatessen matzo matzah brie

Deli Classics: Matzo Brie

Pronunciation Guide: mah-tzah bry Matzo brie is a Jewish dish traditionally eaten for breakfast. It’s especially popular during Passover, when no leavened bread is eaten. To make matzo brie, take dry matzo (flat...

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12. 01. 2015
Brent's Deli National Pastrami Sandwich Day reuben delicatessen restaurant Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles

National Pastrami Sandwich Day at Brent’s Deli

Join us Wednesday, Jan. 14 for our annual National Pastrami Sandwich Day celebration! Enjoy a half Black Pastrami Reuben, french fries, our homemade coleslaw and a fountain drink for only $10 when you...

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22. 12. 2014
Brent's Deli Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles restaurant delicatessen potato pancakes latkes Hanukkah

Deli Classics: Potato Latkes

The combination of grated potatoes and onions, flour, egg and garlic makes up this marquee Hanukkah dish. Also known as potato pancakes, we serve our family recipe with cherry apple sauce and rich...

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