14. 08. 2015
Brent's Deli Jewish Delicatessen Restaurant Los Angeles Northridge Westlake Village

Yiddish 101: Heimish

Pronounced hay-mish, this Yiddish term describes something or somewhere that is homey, warm and unpretentious. In traditional Jewish times, it was used to indicate something reminiscent of a Jewish home, like homemade kugel...

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28. 06. 2015
Brent's Deli latkes potato pancakes Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles delicatessen restaurant

Yiddish 101: Schtik’l

From the German word stück, meaning “piece,” this Yiddish word is used to describe a little piece of something – usually food. It’s not to be confused with the Yiddish word shtick, which...

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01. 06. 2015
Brent's Deli roast beef sandwich restaurant delicatessen Jewish Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles

Yiddish 101: Nosh

Originally from the German word naschen – meaning “to eat on the sly” – to nosh is to eat lightly or to snack. It can be used as both a noun and a...

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27. 04. 2015
Brent's Deli Jewish dessert delicatessen restaurant bakery pastry Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles

Deli Classics: Rugelach

Pronunciation Guide: roo-geh-luh Rugelach are bite-size, sugary pastries usually filled with chocolate. They’re crisp and flaky on the outside, and moist, tender and chewy on the inside – kind of like a croissant....

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14. 04. 2015
Brent's Deli restaurant delicatessen Northridge Westlake Village Los Angeles bagel lox schmear

Yiddish 101: Schmear

Both a noun and a verb, a schmear is anything that can be spread. To schmear something is to spread it, like cream cheese on a bagel. You can also use schmear to...

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